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(All youth activities have been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.)

Children's Church

Dear Covenant Kids,

The name of our lesson today is "David's Psalm" and it goes together with our JAM study of Psalm 23.

We'll find out why King David wrote this very famous passage.

Below the video link are your Activity pages.

counting down the days until I see you again. :)

Love in Jesus,

Miss Debbie

Children's Church Video 05-24-20

Children's Church Video 05-17-20

Children's Church Video 05-10-20

Children's Church Video 05-03-20

Children's Church Video 04-26-20

Activity Pages for Lessons:

Children's Church


K5 - 2nd grade

3rd and up



K5 -2nd grade

3rd and up


K5 - 2nd grade

3rd grade and up


K-5-2nd grade

3rd grade and up


           K5-2nd grade

           3rd grade and up

Jesus and Me Online

Hey Boys & Girls!

You should soon be receiving your sock puppets through the mail, with all the parts necessary to finish your sheep. You will need some glue to put it together - a hot glue gun works best (with adult help, of course) or some good craft glue. Maybe you can have your "Sammy" ready for next week's story. If you like, feel free to name your sheep something unique. :)  Please let me know if you did not get yours by Thursday.

It's JAM time! 

Love you!

Miss Debbie

05-06-20 JAM Video

05-13-20 JAM Video

05-20-20 JAM Video

05-27-20 JAM Video

Activity Pages for JAM Lessons:

JAM Prayer Walk

Mother's Day Family Games and Activities

Moms Worksheet