Sunday Morning Worship: 10:25 am
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 4:00 pm

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                                                                                                     May 27, 2020

Dear Covenant Family,

We are excited that the Officers voted yesterday to reopen our Church. We will do so gradually beginning with a prayer meeting on June 3rd. We’ll meet in the Sanctuary from 6 to 7 pm. Then, on the following Wednesday nights Pastor Tom will combine both a Bible Study and prayer time during that same hour. As a result, we will not meet for Bible Study on Sunday evenings.

Then, on June 7th we will begin Worship Services at 10:25 am. It will be a slightly shorter service in the beginning, and we will urge social distancing. There will be no Sunday School nor will we have other meetings during the week except for the Adult Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer meeting. Children’s worship will resume on June 7th as well, but there will be no Wednesday Jam for the kids. Parents can use the cry room for children instead of having a nursery at this time. Please see details below.

We want to assure you that we will sanitize the sanctuary building each week. We realize this “gradual” opening will test your patience, but we ask you to show forbearance to one another in love. People have various opinions concerning Covid-19, but as officers we ask that we all show love and concern for others in this opening process.

We hope to live-stream on Facebook  our services for those who cannot come. At the very least, we will audio record the sermon and have it available upon request and posted on the website. Below are some more details. If you have any questions, please call the church office or contact Pastor Tom or your shepherd.

Also, if you would not mind. Could you please email us or call us to let us know if you plan to attend our Worship Services? You can also leave a message on our phone after hours. Please give us your name and number attending. (863)385-3234 or ccttschneider@hotmail.com.


Reopening Covenant PCA Church



1. No Activities/Events except Sunday Morning Worship and Wednesday Night Prayer/Bible Study.

2. Prayer/Bible Study begins on June 3rd in Sanctuary at 6 pm.

3. Begin Worship June 7 at 10:25 a.m. (No need to get here too early.)

a. If you are not feeling well or have symptoms of illness, please stay home.

b. Masks are encouraged to be worn at all times. We will have some masks on hand.

c. “A Greeter” is stationed outside to welcome people and hand out bulletins. He or she will have gloves on.

d. People are instructed not to congregate in the Lobby, but go straight to their seats.

e. Pews are marked so people spread out. (Every other pew is roped off and signs indicate maximum number of people per pew.)

f. Water fountain is disabled, but small water bottles are provided on table in the Lobby. No refreshments are provided.     

g. All doors are open inside and outside. When worship services begin, the outer doors will be closed. Greeter will wait a little while for later-comers and open door with gloves on. All outer doors are open when we sing our last hymn.

h. All hymnals, Bibles, etc, are taken out of the pews. Words of songs on screen.

i. Elder who prays will pray from separate microphone. No one leads songs.

j. Pastor Tom will remain up front after the service for those wishing prayer/counsel.

k. There will be no nursery, but the cry room is available for parents and children. However, social distancing still needs to be practiced. No more than 6 people allowed.

l. Officers are in Lobby and Sanctuary to answer your questions.

m. Offering Plates will be on table in the Lobby.

n. If people want to visit, please do so outside in the parking lot.

o. Communion will resume on June 28, but with “packets” given to people before the service. More instructions will follow.

Note: Each individual should make their own decision based on the CDC guidelines. A copy of applicable CDC guidelines are available upon request from the church office.