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Thanksgiving / Easter Boxes 

                 Please take a box and a list of the needed items off the "Thanksgiving/Easter Tree.”  The "Thanksgiving/Easter Tree” is located in the front of the Sanctuary.  If it is difficult for you to shop, there are others who will do this for you with your donation of $30.00.  If you choose to fund a box, please be sure to take a tag off the "Thanksgiving/Easter Tree” to help us keep a correct count.  Please note "Thanksgiving Box or Easter Box ” on your check or envelope.

<span style="font-family: " arial="" narrow";="" font-size:="" 9.5pt;="" mso-default-font-family:="" "arial="" mso-ascii-font-family:="" mso-latin-font-family:="" mso-greek-font-family:="" mso-cyrillic-font-family:="" mso-latinext-font-family:="" language:="" en-us;="" mso-ansi-language:="" mso-ligatures:="" none;"="" lang="en-US"> Boxes may be decorated and extra items may be added.  Return your boxes to the front of the Sanctuary on or before the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving or Easter. The boxes will be delivered that day to local charities who will distribute them on behalf of our church.We want to help make Thanksgiving and Easter special for others in our community!  And THANK YOU for your generosity.