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Discipleship Seminar

March 7-9

On March 7-9 Covenant Presbyterian Church in Sebring is hosting an In-depth Discipleship Seminar conducted by the Biblical Counseling Foundation. This weekend course is entitled "Self-Confrontation Part 1.Ē It will run Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. This seminar is non-denominational and is taught all over the world.

This is an in-depth discipleship/counseling course for every Christian. The "wholeĒ Christian life is put before you in a systematic form. For many, it is a real turning point in their lives as they come to grips with the transformation Godís Word by His Spirit gives them.

Subjects that will be emphasized include:

Knowing the difference between manís way and Godís way (In other words, what are the real-life implications of Godís Word being the standard in terms of finding hope, purpose, and Godís design for your life?)

Biblical dynamics for change (Practically, how do you change experiencing a downward spiral to being a consistent overcomer in Christ?)

How to deal specifically with: problems such as anger and interpersonal problems using only the Scriptures as your reference.

Here is a course that is thoroughly biblical in its approach. Itís a discipleship seminar that seeks to help believers to live before the Lord in the battles of life. It is also a great course on laying a biblical foundation for helping others.

The cost is $75.00 which includes (at no extra charge) a $33.00 manual and a $25 Student Workbook. Call Tom Schneider at (863) 385-3234 or the Biblical Counseling Foundation at (760) 347-4608 for more information or to register.